TO UNDERSTAND After Jesus had finished a teaching about sowing seed, He was questioned by His apprentices as to why He used stories or parables. Jesus responded, "YOU ARE PERMITTED TO KNOW SOME TRUTHS ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD THAT ARE HIDDEN TO THOSE OUTSIDE THE KINGDOM" [Mk 4:11 TL]{Mt 13:11}{Lk 8:10}. Yes, sometimes stories help in understanding but also stories may be used as "A RIDDLE" [Eze 17:2]. Some people will "SEE AND HEAR, THEY WILL NOT UNDERSTAND"  [Mk 4:12 TL] on purpose, which appears to be what God wants for some people. Unfortunately, if we follow Jesus' instructions and pray every day for God's "WILL BE DONE" [Mt 6:10], we may be praying for some people to not understand. Pray that God will help you understand everything you see and hear from God and His son Jesus. Do you understand what you see and hear? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures