GOD IS MOST IMPORTANT! Jesus story of seeds among thorns are like people who hear the message “BUT THE WORRIES ABOUT THIS LIFE, THE LOVE FOR RICHES, AND ALL OTHER KINDS OF DESIRES CROWD IN AND CHOKE THE MESSAGE” [Mk 4:19 GN]{Mt 13:22}{Lk 8:14}. There are so many things to worry about and many of us are sure they are more than God can handle. We claim to have faith but we limit God by our lack of faith and our worries. Jesus teaches us that if we put God first and do what God wants, He will provide for us “ALL THESE OTHER THINGS YOU NEED” [Mt 6:33 IC] yet some because of our love for riches, we need to change what we think we need, which is really greed.   Many of us need to seek God’s help in accomplishing Jesus command, “DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR LIFE”  [Mt 6:25 NI]. Do you resist worry? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures