BE GOOD SOIL In Jesus' explanation of His teachings about the man sowing seed, He concludes "THE GOOD SOIL REPRESENTS THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO TRULY ACCEPT GOD’S MESSAGE AND PRODUCE A PLENTIFUL HARVEST FOR GOD" [Mk 4:20 TL]{Mt 13:23}{Lk 8:15}. We want to be like the good soil Jesus illustrates. Being good soil means Satan cannot take away what we learn; trouble will not cause us to fall away; attractions of the world will not crowd out God's or Jesus' teachings. How do we develop ourselves to be good soil?  Remember you have been given "AUTHORITY" [Lk 10:19] over the enemy, so use it! Develop roots in Jesus by reading what He says and talking to Him and following Him, so trouble will not affect you. Avoid being seduced by the worries and attractions of this world, including the lust of wealth and other people and worldly concerns by staying focused on just following Jesus. Are you good soil? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures