SEED GROWTH To illustrate the kingdom of God, Jesus tells about a farmer who scatters seed in the dirt. As the farmer goes on with his life, some of the seed grows yet the farmer "DOES NOT KNOW HOW IT GROWS" [Mk 4:27 IC]. Today with modern science we can explain all the process of a seed growing but we do not fully understand how God our creator makes it grow, just like we do not understand how God makes His kingdom grow. Many years ago a preacher would preach to thousands of people encouraging them follow God and many of them would commit to following God every time he preached.  After many years, they did a survey and were disappointed to discovered that less than 5% were still involved with God.  Jesus tells us "NO ONE CAN COME TO ME, UNLESS THE FATHER WHO SENT ME MAKES THEM WANT TO COME" [Jn 6:44 CE]. We may tell many people about God and even talk them into making a commitment but just like the farmer's seeds, God is in charge of their growth. Is God helping you grow? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures