STAY FOCUSED ON GOD! Jesus was going to help a man whose daughter was dying and a large group of people crowded along with Jesus. A woman who had a medical condition for 12 years and had spent all her money on doctors yet was getting worse, pushed her way through the crowd and touched Jesus’ clothes because she believed that would heal her. Immediately she was healed and as Jesus felt healing power flow out of Him, He discovered her. She told everything to Jesus and He responded “YOUR FAITH HAS HEALED YOU” [Mk 5:34 NI]{Mt 9:22}{Lk 8:46-48}. Our faith is important and can result in our healing. Some get so focused on encouraging faith, that they think that is the only way to be healed.  Jesus encouraged a man who wanted healing for his son “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS FAITH” and the man’s response was “I do have faith, but not enough. Help me have more” [Mk 9:23-24 GN] then Jesus helped his faith by healing his son. We can ask God in Jesus’ name for help with our faith.  Jesus healed a man who was born blind and later Jesus asked him “DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE SON OF GOD?” and the man responded “Who is He” [Jn 9:35-36 NKJ]. The man was healed with Jesus help but did not know who Jesus was so obviously he could not have faith. Faith is very important but it is not the only way God can heal us. Is your faith strong? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures