STOP SINNING! Jesus says, “WHAT COMES OUT OF A MAN IS WHAT MAKES HIM ‘UNCLEAN’” [Mk 7:20 NI]{Mt 15:18}.  Jesus was teaching that food or anything from outside your body does not contaminate a person spiritually as it enters “YOUR STOMACH, WORKS ITS WAY THROUGH THE INTESTINES, AND IS FINALLY FLUSHED” [Mk 7:18-19 MSG]. Jesus goes on to point out that what comes out of a person’s mind or heart is what contaminates that person spiritually. Jesus lists several contaminates such as “EVIL THOUGHTS, ADULTERIES, FORNICATIONS, MURDER” etc [Mk 7:21-22 NKJ].  Although the list may vary slightly by translation, the first subject mentioned that defiles or contaminates a person is “EVIL THOUGHTS”. It is our thoughts that frequently precede our sins.  Jesus realizes this as He discourages being “ANGRY” [Mt 5:22] and looking at another person with “LUST” [Mt 5:28] both of which are thoughts that can precede more sin.  After cleaning up our sin life, we need to also clean up our “EVIL THOUGHTS” that contaminate us spiritually and can result in more sin. If we have been entertaining evil thoughts or fantasies regularly we may need to use spiritual warfare to clean up our lives spiritually. As James recommended “submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will run away from you” [Jas 4:7 GN]. Do you work at eliminating sin?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures