FORNICATION IS A SIN! Jesus talks about sins that “MAKE YOU UNFIT FOR GOD”  [Mk 7:23 TL], including “FORNICATION” along with many other sins, including some from the Ten Commandments “THEFT, MURDER, ADULTERY” [Mk 7:21-22 NRS]{Mt 15:19}. Many people, who consider themselves Christians, are comfortable following the desires of their flesh and living in relationships involving “FORNICATION”.  Others make up beliefs, that they are common law married, ignoring that Jesus once told a woman “THE MAN YOU LIVE WITH NOW IS NOT YOUR HUSBAND” [Jn 4:18 IC], which indicates that living in fornication is not being common law married. If you are in a “FORNICATION” relationship, either get married or leave the relationship and repent. Jesus knows, sex outside of marriage is a sin! Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures