GOD WILL PROVIDE After ministering to thousands of people, Jesus called His apprentices together and said, "I HAVE COMPASSION FOR THESE PEOPLE; THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN WITH ME THREE DAYS AND HAVE NOTHING TO EAT" [Mk 8:2 NI]{Mt 15:32}. Ultimately, this led to a miracle referred to as the feeding the four thousand. Since Jesus tells us that His Father told Him what to "SAY" and "DO" [Jn 12:49, 14:3], we can understand that God, Jesus' Father, has compassion and concern for us. God cares for us and is concerned for our well being and by enabling the miracle of feeding shows He will provide for us. This is a living example of Jesus teaching, that if we are doing what God wants us to do "ALL THESE OTHER THINGS YOU NEED WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU" [Mt 6:33 IC]. Are you doing what God wants? Does God take care of your needs? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures