BE PROUD OF JESUS! Jesus says, “IF ANYONE IS ASHAMED OF ME AND MY TEACHING, THEN I WILL BE ASHAMED OF HIM.” [Mk 8:38 IC]{Lk 9:26}. Many who say they serve Jesus are ashamed to admit it at work or with their friends. It is almost like they are in a secret service.  Sometimes it is because they live their lives in ways that are offensive to God. As Jesus says, “BY THEIR FRUITS YOU WILL KNOW THEM” [Mt 7:20 NKJ]. With some, before they can be proud they follow Jesus, they need to act like Jesus wants them act in their lives. Others are just shy or bashful and lack the power Jesus wants us to have to “BE WITNESSES”.  Ask God to give you His spirit and so you will “BE FILLED WITH POWER” [Ac 1:8 GN] so you can be proud of your friend Jesus. Jesus tells us God will give His spirit to those who “ASK HIM”  [Lk 11:13]. Are you proud of Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures