CASTING OUT Casting out a demon, Jesus stated "YOU MUTE AND DEAF SPIRIT, I COMMAND YOU, COME OUT OF HIM AND NEVER ENTER HIM AGAIN" [Mk 9:25 ES]. Yes Jesus tells believers "IN MY NAME THEY WILL CAST OUT DEMONS"  [Mk 16:17]. Do we cast demons out of everyone who has a demon, including people who like and want to keep their demons? No, because they will just invite them back and then as Jesus tells us "THAT PERSON ENDS UP IN WORSE SHAPE THAN BEFORE" [Lk 11:26 CE]. Remember Jesus tells us God told Him what to "SAY" and "DO" [Jn 12:49, 14:31]. If God guides you to cast out a demon, it may be good to tell the demon "NEVER ENTER HIM AGAIN". Do you cast out demons? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures