PRAY AND FAST Jesus disciples were unable to cast out a demon and then Jesus arrived and cast it out. Later after they had gone indoors, they asked Jesus privately "Why could we not cast it out?" Jesus responded "THIS KIND CAN COME OUT BY NOTHING BUT PRAYER AND FASTING" [Mk 9:28-29 NKJ]{Mt 17:21}. Some excellent modern translations omit "AND FASTING" because a couple of Greek manuscripts omit it, disregarding that the majority of Greek manuscripts include the words. Most of the time research will show that omitting words of Jesus is incorrect. Yes, it is easier to not fast unless that means a lack of success in casting out a demon. Remember Jesus says "WHEN YOU FAST"  [Mt 6:16] not 'if you fast'. Seek God's guidance in casting out demons and how to prepare for that ministry, including when to fast or go without eating. Notice in the story Jesus did not take time to go and pray and fast. It is valid to assume Jesus was prayed up and ready. Do you pray and fast? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures