ONLY JESUS IS THE JUDGE! One of Jesus’ followers told Him, “we saw a man driving out demons in Your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us”. Jesus immediate response was, “DO NOT STOP HIM” [Mk 9:38-39 NI]{Lk 9:50}.  One of the most elementary errors in manmade teachings is to neglect the context of the comment or leave out details of the story. To use these quotes to develop teachings of inclusion of others can be appropriate at times but not universally. An extreme is to use this quote from Jesus to include people who do not believe in “GOD'S SON”, Jesus, or His “FATHER” [Jn 10:36 NI], suggesting that their good works will help them have eternal life. Driving out a demon in Jesus’ name is more than good works and a non-believer would most likely never drive out a demon in Jesus name or if they tried, would probably invoke the response “Jesus I know … but who are you?” [Ac 19:15 NI]   Jesus tells us “BELIEVERS … WILL DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME” [Mk 16:17 GN] and never suggests that non-believers can use Jesus name with power. We may also need to include all of Jesus teachings to suggest a person will have eternal life, as it is important to remember Jesus said, “THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER IS THROUGH ME” [Jn 14:6 IC]. Jesus concluded His response about the stranger casting out demons in His name by saying, “NO ONE WHO DOES A MIRACLE IN MY NAME CAN IN THE NEXT MOMENT SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT ME,  FOR WHOEVER IS NOT AGAINST US IS FOR US” [Mk 9:39-40 NI]. Many groups reflect teachings and conduct that make it unclear if they are really “FOR” Jesus. At times it is better to remember God has given Jesus the authority to “JUDGE” [Jn 5:27] not us. Better to be concerned with our own beliefs and conduct. Do you know Jesus is the judge?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures