EVERYONE WHO LOVES JESUS IS FOR JESUS! Jesus states, “WHOEVER IS NOT AGAINST US IS FOR US”  Mk 9:40 NI{Lk 9:50}. Many different religions with very different manmade doctrines and teachings still love Jesus. Even though Jesus teaches “DO NOT JUDGE” [Mt 7:1], many people judge others who follow different manmade teachings, without considering that they love Jesus and are “NOT AGAINST” Jesus.  God has given Jesus the “AUTHORITY TO JUDGE” [Jn 5:27 NI] {not us} and we should not be judgmental toward people who follow different manmade teachings. The only qualifier Jesus used is a person “WHO DOES A MIRACLE IN MY NAME” [MK 9:39 NI], which is definitely a person who is not against Jesus.  Sometimes people are so prejudiced against other religions they are surprised that other religions love Jesus and are “NOT AGAINST” Jesus.  Obey Jesus and “DO NOT JUDGE” [Mt 7:1] others. Do you love others? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures