TEACH JESUS WHO IS THE TRUTH! Jesus speaks harshly about “IF ANYONE CAUSES ONE OF THESE LITTLE ONES WHO BELIEVE IN ME TO SIN” [Mk 9:42 NI]{Mt 18:6}{Lk 17:2}. Many of us cause others to sin. Sometimes people flirt with others and feel like they are okay because they did not sin but their suggestive actions may cause the other person to sin and the original flirter will be held accountable. People can teach lies or manmade doctrines and the person believing them will sin. For example if they tell people, there are many ways to eternal life or that people were created with their favorite sexual perversion. If we ask a question causing another person to lie, we may be guilty of causing them to sin. The safest way is to just teach what Jesus teaches and seek God’s guidance on what we say and do. Are you careful to not cause others to sin? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures