GOD SPEAKS Jesus went on a high mountain with three of His main apprentices and just after they saw Jesus talking to Elijah and Moses, a cloud appeared and a voice they understood as God's, spoke from the cloud saying "THIS IS MY SON, AND I LOVE HIM. OBEY HIM!" [Mk 9:7 IC]{Mt 17:5}{Lk 9:35} When they came down from the mountain Jesus told the three to not tell anyone what happened until after He "RISES FROM DEATH" [Mk 9:9 IC], which confused them even more. Another time when people heard God's voice from heaven, Jesus stated “THIS VOICE WAS FOR   YOUR BENEFIT, NOT MINE” [Jn 12:30 NI]. God's voice from heaven concerning Jesus is for our benefit both times and certainly refutes the manmade teaching that Jesus is "really God deceiving us". God's voice was not Jesus using ventriloquism to further deceive us. Today God still speaks audibly, however most of the time He speaks to us silently, as He did when only Jesus' audible part of the conversation was recorded "BUT DO WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT I WANT" [Mk 14:6 IC]. Does God speak to you? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures