JESUS IS IN YOU! Jesus says, “I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK” [Rev 3:20]. Jesus also is asking, “IF ANY HEAR MY VOICE AND OPEN THE DOOR, I WILL COME INTO THEIR HOUSE AND EAT WITH THEM” [Rev 3:20 GN]. Many say they follow Jesus yet follow what they learn about Jesus from their family or friends or favorite religion without ever developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus tells us we will realize that “I AM IN YOU” [Jn 14:20 NI]. Jesus presence in us personally will bless us if we will let Him in. We will grow as Jesus says, “LEARN FROM ME, BECAUSE I AM GENTLE AND HUMBLE IN SPIRIT; AND YOU WILL FIND REST” [Mt 11:29 GN]. Just like when Jesus walked the earth, Jesus will lead us into a closer relationship with His Father, “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN” [Mt 6:9] as He will “REVEAL” [Lk 10:22] God to us. Let Jesus into your life and be blessed. Have you let Jesus in? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures